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1. Grid Analysis and Display System [01-grads-00]
The Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) is an interactive desktop tool that is currently in use worldwide for the analysis and display of earth science data. GrADS is implemented

2. LATS4D Distribution [NASA_LATS4D]
from GrADS using the PCMDI LATS interface. This script can serve as a general purpose file conversion and subsetting utility. Any GrADS readable file (GrADS IEEE, GSFC Phoenix, GRIB, NetCDF or HDF-SDS)

Several of the GES DISC data sets can be converted from HDF4 or GRIB format into NetCDF (with COARDS-compliant dimensions) to make them easy to use in tools such as GrADS, Panoply, IDV and McIDAS-V.

4. Regridding algorithm for Giovanni [G3_Regridding]   PARENT SERF
by GrADS as the regridding function.

5. map TimeAverage for Giovanni 3 [G3_mapTimeAverage]   PARENT SERF
and latitude points). Origin/Software: GrADS; implemented in IDL User Options

6. GrADS-DODS Server at CEOSR/GMU [gds_ceosr_gmu]
that can be expressed in a single GrADS expression. GrADS-DODS Server at CEOSR/GMU is a system

7. Ocean and Weather Data Navigator [dapper_dchart]
such as Matlab, Grads, and Java OceanAtlas and LAS. The data is provided to scientists

8. WAVEWATCH: A Generic Ocean Wave Model [NOAA_WAVEWATCH]
for the GrADS graphics package by means of post processing. [Summary provided

9. Python implementation of the Data Access Protocol (pyDAP) [pyDAP]
your scientific data over the network, so it can be easily accessed using Matlab, Ferret, GrADS or a web

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