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1. Episodic In-Situ and Imagery Dataset from the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) [OAR0068]
The Episodic In-situ and Imagery Data Set is a collection of data describing the dynamical evolution of various interesting weather events in North America, formatted to be replayed on the NOAA Forecast ...

2. Winter Icing and Storms Project (WISP) Save Storms Data from the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) [OAR0070]
The Winter Icing and Storms Project (WISP) is an ongoing series of experiments designed to study the structure and evolution of winter storms. The project has two primary objectives: (1) to improve ...

3. MADIS NOAA Profiler Network Dataset [MADIS_PROFILER]
Wind profilers are Doppler radars used to measure vertical profiles of atmospheric winds directly above the profiler site. Typical operation of a wind profiler results in a vertical stack of winds ...

4. MADIS Radiosonde Dataset [MADIS_RADIOSONDE]
Radiosondes are balloon-borne instruments that are carried aloft to measure soundings of wind, temperature, moisture and geopotential height at different atmospheric pressure levels. The synoptic ...

5. NOAA Global Systems Division Wind Profiler, RAOB, and Precipitation Data Products [NOAA_FSL_DATA_SETS]
The NOAA Global Systems Division produces a variety of data products that are useful in research and operational Meteorology. The Profiler Network Real-Time data display features vertical profiles ...

6. The Mesonet Surface Meteorological Data Network from the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) [OAR0071]
Mesonet is an archive of data from the PROFS surface mesoscale meterological network, a network of 22 surface observing stations located in the Front Range of Colorado. Each station relays 5 minute ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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