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1. Flatland Atmospheric Observatory (Research Wind Profiler, Boundary Layer Radar,Barometer Network, RASS) Data; NOAA Aeronomy Lab [OAR0151_0152_0153_0154_0155]
The Aeronomy Lab of NOAA/ERL maintains the Flatland Atmospheric Observatory (FAO) at the Bondville Field station of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The region is one of the flattest ...

2. NOAA Orion WP-3D Data from the 1995 Southern Oxidants Study (SOS) Nashville/Middle Tennessee Ozone Study Data Base [sos_a3]
A3 - NOAA Orion WP-3D Data The Southern Oxidants Study (SOS) conducted a major field research campaign in Nashville/Middle Tennessee area in June and July 1994 and 1995. ...

3. The Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment (AAOE), Including Halley Bay Ozonesonde Data on CD-ROM [AAOE87]
This CD-ROM contains data pertaining to the Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment (AAOE) which was based in Punta Arenas, Chile during August and September 1987. The data was primarily collected onboard ...

4. The Network for Detection of Stratospheric Change Experiment (NDSC) Trace Gas Abundances from the NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory [OAR0257]
This data set consists of measurements of stratospheric trace gas abundances from an ongoing experiment which is part of the Network for Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC). The data are made ...

5. The Poker Flat Mesophere, Stratosphere, Troposphere (MST) Radar Wind Velocity Data from the NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory [OAR0148]
>From 1979 through 1985, the Aeronomy Laboratory of NOAA operated the Poker Flat Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere (MST) Radar on the Poker Flat Rocket Range near Fairbanks, Alaska. The MST Radar, ...

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