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1. Plant Species Diversity and Seed Bank Diversity in Pastures of the Northeast United States [USDA.ARS.PSWMRL.NEPlant]
Pasture lands are an important facet of land use in the northeast United States, yet little is known about their diversity. Because little information exists about the ecology of northeast pastures, ...

2. The Accumulation and Bioavailability of Soil Nitrogen and Carbon Under Long-term Farming Systems in Pennsylvania. [usda.ars.PSWMRL.LongTermFarm]
(from Project Abstract) Problem: the objective of this research is to determine and contrast soil nitrogen, soil carbon, and soil phosphorus accumulation and availability under common farming systems ...

3. The Accumulation and Bioavailability of Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Under Common Buffer Vegetation in Mid-Atlantic States. [usda.ars.PSWMRL.CommonBuffer]
(from USDA ARS Carbon Storage Planning Workshop Abstracts) Problem: There are large acerages of woods and cool-season grasses in the northeast today, and there may soon be substantial acreages of ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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