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1. The distribution and identity of terrestrial plant communities of the Lower Taylor Valley including lichens, mosses, hypolithic and endolithic algae [K024_1989_1990_NZ_4]
In the 1989-1990 season collecting trips were made to the Kukri Hills and to Mt. Falconer to prepare an initial species list of the Lower Taylor Valley. In the 2002-2003 season walking trips were ...

2. Vegetation mapping of the Fryxell Stream flush, Taylor Valley [K024_1989_1990_NZ_1]
The Frxyell Stream flows into Lake Fryxell in the Taylor Valley. Canada Pond lies upstream of Lake Fryxell adjacent to the Canada Glacier. The Fryxell Stream flush, both the upper flush (flush area ...

3. Vegetation surveys of Granite Harbour region including Cape Geology, Botany Bay, Kar Plateau, Lion Island, Couloir Cliffs and Flat Iron [K024_1989_2000_NZ_1]
A preliminary survey of the plant life was conducted at Botany Bay and Cape Geology (Granite Harbour) to prepare an initial species list and to assess the general richness of the area (1989-1990). ...

4. The use of GIS mapping techniques to assess changes in vegetation at Cape Hallett [K024_2003_2004_NZ_1]
A detailed vegetation map of a 120m by 28m study site was published by Rudolph (1963). A paper copy of the original maps of this research was obtained from archives at the University of Ohio.The map ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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