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1. Genetic diversity in the moss Pohlia nutans on geothermal ground of Mount Rittmann, Victoria Land, Antarctica. [GeneticDiversity_Victoria_Land]
The only known population of the moss Pohlia nutans in continental Antarctica occurs on geothermally heated ground of volcanic Mt. Rittmann in northern Victoria Land. Colonization of this bryophyte ...

2. New record of moss and thermophilic bacteria species and physico-chemical properties of geothermal soils on the northwest slope of Mt. Melbourne (Antarctica) in 2002 [Thermophilic_bacteria_Melbourne]
Four samples of surface soils, one with shoots of an unidentified moss species, were collected from a geothermal site on the northwest slope of volcanic Mt. Melbourne (northwest Victoria Land, continental ...

3. Preliminary investigation of thermal biosystem of Mount Rittmann fumaroles (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) [Thermal_biosys_MountRittmann]
The biota and environment of fumarolic ground recently discovered near Mount Rittmann are described. Three patches (about 1 m2 each) of the moss Pohlia nutans were found in a minor caldera rim. Cyanophytes, ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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