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Estimate of the vulnerability of surface waters in Wales to acidification from the effects of atmospheric pollution. Estimates made on the basis of the sensitivity of receptor soils geology, watercourses ...

2. Effects of Forest Management on Amphibians and Amphibian Habitats in a Changing Global Environment [USDA0559]
"Effects of Forest Management on Amphibians and Amphibian Habitats in a Changing Global Environment" contains multi-resource data (hydrology, water chemistry, vegetation, fauna) ...

3. Ocean Acidification [geodata_2168]
The global distribution of ASS values has been modeled at 1-degree resolution for pre-industrial (circa 1870) and modern times (2000-2009). We use the difference between these values as an estimate ...

4. Southern Ocean Calcareous Zooplankton Response to Ocean Acidification - Data from V3 2012 of the Aurora Australis [ASAC_3046_V32012]
These data have been collected as part of ASAC (AAS) project 3046 on voyage 3 of the Aurora Australis in the 2011-2012 season. Data were collected from a series of RMT Trawls conducted from the trawl ...

5. Trends in emissions of ozone precursors (CLRTAP/EMEP) [EEA_CLRTAP_EMEP]
Data on anthropogenic emissions of ozone precursors (CO and NMVOC) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies to EEA and ETC/ACC. Data compiled and held by ETC/ACC are annual national total emissions ...

6. Water Quality for Major Watersheds [geodata_1512]
The data are presented by watershed (drainage basin). The 82 watersheds represent major world rivers, or smaller rivers that have regional significance. Water quality data are strongly site dependant, ...

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