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1. Administration Division Maps Of Poland [WARd0002_108]
Administration division of Poland created on a basis of digitization with manual generalisation proper for specific scales. Projection Albers; points and polygons; ARC/INFO and SINUS systems

2. Africa Administrative Units (GIS Coverage of Administrative Boundaries) [NBId0007_101]
New-ID: NBI07 This dataset shows adminstrative boundries of Africa at continental, national, second and third levels in lat/long. The Administrative units Dataset documentation Files: ADMINLL.E00 ...

3. Africa Outline, Integrated Terrain Units, Agric. Landuse, Soils, Vegetation [NBId0001_101]
These datasets (Africa Outline, Agricultural Landuse, Africa Soils, Vegetation, Surface Hydrography, Hydrologic Basins, Desertification Hazard Model) are part of the UNEP/FAO/ESRI Database project ...

4. Countries, Coasts and Islands of Africa (Global Change Data Base - Digital Boundaries and Coastlines) [NBId0020_101]
New-ID: NBI20 Countries, Coasts and Islands Dataset documentation (Micro World Data Bank II) Files: COASTS.E00 Code: 100051-001 COUNTRY.E00 100052-001 ISLANDS.E00 100054-001 Vector Members ...

5. Hunting Unit Border Maps of Poland [WARd0006_108]
Borders of hunting units digitized from the maps prepared by Polish Hunting Association within Central Scientific Programme 10.4/1989.

6. Hydrogeological Map of Egypt, Administrative boundaries; 1988 [CE1d0008_173]
This coverage represents polygon features that describe the administrative boundaries.

7. Kenya Administrative Units, Drainage, Agro-Climatic Zones, Rainfall, Infrastructure [NBId0083_101]
Description: These datasets (Administrative Units, Drainage, Agro-Climatic Zones, Rainfall, Infrastructure) were scanned by the Canadian Land data Systems Division, Land Directorate, Dept of Environment, ...

8. Lake Chad Datasets, Africa [NBId0079_101]
The Lake Chad Dataset which is a detailed case study of the UNEP/FAO/ESRI Family was developed by UNEP/GRID, on behalf of the UNEP/Fresh Water Unit for the Lake Chad Commission on Sustainable Development. ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8
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