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1. Feral Pigs; NRIC, Australia [LIFE_BIODIV_AUS_NRIC_FERAL_PIG1]
The Australian National Resource Information Centre makes available five data sets on the Feral pig management project: 1080 poisoning for feral pig control - a quantitative measure ...

2. Wheat Yield Data; Bureau of Rural Resources, Australia [EARTH_LAND_AUS_BRR_WHEAT_YIELD1]
Wheat Yield Data for Australia from 1953-1983 is available from the Bureau of Rural Resources. Statistical and trend data for yields and intensity of wheat cropping in Australia's wheat belt over ...

3. Agricultural Trade of Former Soviet Republics [USDA0438]
"Agricultural Trade of Former Soviet Republics" is a numeric data file that displays agricultural trade information for the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. Data include information on agricultural ...

4. Long-term Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables [USDA0323]
The "Long-term Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables" report provides long-run baseline projections for the agricultural sector through 2005 that incorporate provisions of the Federal Agriculture ...

5. Production, Supply, and Distribution (PS&D) View [USDA0494]
"Production, Supply, and Distribution (PS&D) View" is a menu-driven software system that graphs and displays balance sheet variables for 60 agricultural commodities in the USDA Production, Supply, ...

6. Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database [USDA0502]
The "Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database" is a global database for studies of agricultural trade liberalization. The database contains 1989 data for 22 commodities. ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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