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1. Agricultural Trade of Former Soviet Republics [USDA0438]
"Agricultural Trade of Former Soviet Republics" is a numeric data file that displays agricultural trade information for the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. Data include information on agricultural ...

2. Feral Pigs; NRIC, Australia [LIFE_BIODIV_AUS_NRIC_FERAL_PIG1]
The Australian National Resource Information Centre makes available five data sets on the Feral pig management project: 1080 poisoning for feral pig control - a quantitative measure ...

3. Long-term Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables [USDA0323]
The "Long-term Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables" report provides long-run baseline projections for the agricultural sector through 2005 that incorporate provisions of the Federal Agriculture ...

4. Production, Supply, and Distribution (PS&D) View [USDA0494]
"Production, Supply, and Distribution (PS&D) View" is a menu-driven software system that graphs and displays balance sheet variables for 60 agricultural commodities in the USDA Production, Supply, ...

5. Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database [USDA0502]
The "Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database" is a global database for studies of agricultural trade liberalization. The database contains 1989 data for 22 commodities. ...

6. Wheat Yield Data; Bureau of Rural Resources, Australia [EARTH_LAND_AUS_BRR_WHEAT_YIELD1]
Wheat Yield Data for Australia from 1953-1983 is available from the Bureau of Rural Resources. Statistical and trend data for yields and intensity of wheat cropping in Australia's wheat belt over ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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