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1. JERS-1 Science Program Application Data Sets '96 (EORC-001) [ND01046]
JERS-1/SAR Interferometry. JERS-1/SAR Sea ice moving vectors in the Arcitic Sea. JERS-1/SAR The Japanese Islands mosaic. JERS-1/SAR Mosic image of the rain forest in southern and ...

2. Processing of Radar Altimeter Network Data as part of the Large-scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia [RALNET_LBA]
RALNET-LBA is a data sharing objective aimed at the Land Surface Hydrology component of LBA. Its contents are the direct output of the "Altimetric Remote Sensing of the Amazon: Contribution to Surface ...

3. LBA-ECO LC-31 Historical Land-Use in the Amazon: 1940-1995 [LC31_AMZ_HISTORICAL_LU]
This data set provides annual spatial patterns of cropland, natural pasture, and planted pasture land uses across Amazonia for the period 1940/1950-1995. Two series of 5-minute grid cell historical ...

4. LBA-ECO CD-06 Water Balance of the Ji-Parana River Basin, Brazil: 1995-1996 [CD06_WATER_BALANCE_JIPARANA]
This data set provides simulated minimum, average, and maximum monthly rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, water deficit, and water surplus values for the Ji-Parana River basin, Rondonia, Brazil. ...

5. LBA-ECO ND-04 Secondary Forest Recovery, Structure, and LAI, Central Amazonia, Brazil [ND04_SECONDARY_FOREST_RECOVERY]
This data set reports measurements of the canopy and structure of secondary forests regenerating from abandoned pastures. These secondary forests are located in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, along ...

6. LBA-ECO CD-07 GOES-8 L1 RADIANCE DATA FOR AMAZONIA: 1998-2001 [lba_l1_200605]
The LBA-ECO CD-07 team collected GOES-8 imager data over the LBA-ECO study region as part of our effort to characterize the incoming radiation and precipitation rates at regional scales. This data ...

This data set reports (1) total aboveground dry biomass based on detailed estimates of all live and dead plant material, (2) results from repeated surveys of aboveground biomass allowing the calculation ...

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