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1. Agricultural and Nonagricultural Bank Operating Statistics [USDA0296]
The data in "Agricultural and Nonagricultural Bank Operating Statistics" mirrors the information published in the ERS "Agricultural and Nonagricultural Bank Operating Statistics, 1980-91 Statistical ...

2. Farm Business Balance Sheet [USDA0307]
Data distributed in the "Farm Business Balance Sheet" dataset are also published in Farm Business Balance Sheet, 1960-91: The United States and by State, Statistical Bulletin No. 856, ERS/USDA, May ...

3. Farm Credit System Operating Statistics [USDA0308]
The data contained in the "Farm Credit System Operating Statistics" dataset consist of tables found in the ERS Statistical Bulletin, "Farm Credit System Bank and Association Operating Statistics, ...

4. Farm Sector Balance Sheet [USDA0310]
Data distributed in the "Farm Sector Balance Sheet" dataset are also published in "Farm Sector Balance Sheet, Including Operator Households, 1960-89: United States and By State," SB 826, ERS. These ...

5. Financial Characteristics of Horticultural Farms [USDA0312]
The statistical information in the "Financial Characteristics of Horticultural Farms" dataset provides an overview of farm business financial performance (such as income statements, balance sheets, ...

6. Farm Operating and Financial Characteristics, 1990 [USDA0309]
"Farm Operating and Financial Characteristics, 1990" contains summarized data on farm operation and financial characteristics, including farm business income, expenses, assets, and liabilities by ...

7. U.S. State Agricultural Profiles [USDA0042]
The statistical tables on this disk includes information on all 50 states and the U.S. published in ERS Statistical Bulletin No. 865. "U.S. State Agricultural Data", September 1993 (available from ...

Showing 1 through 7 of 7
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