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1. Geocryology and Geocryological Zonation of Mongolia [GGD648]
The map of Geocryology and Geocryological Zonation of Mongolia was derived from the National Atlas of Mongolia (Sodnom and Yanshin, 1990). The data set depicts the distribution and general properties ...

2. Modeled Active-Layer Depth in Russia [GGD606]
This data set contains modeled active-layer depth (cm) from 50 deg N to 80 deg N, and 60 deg E to 160 deg E, Russia. Depth values are calculated from a model of current climate that assumes a complex ...

3. Model Output of Active Layer Depth in the Arctic Drainage Basin, 1979-2001 [ARCSS158]
Investigators applied the Frozen Ground Model to the entire Arctic Drainage Basin to create this data set of active layer depth (ALD), recorded in centimeters. This model has been shown to provide ...

4. Time Series of Active Layer Thickness in the Russian Arctic, 1930-1990 [ARCSS160]
This data set consists of active layer thickness (ALT) measurements based on soil temperatures in the Russian Arctic. The active layer is the top layer of ground that freezes in the winter and thaws ...

5. Toolik Snowfence Experiment: 1994-2002 Active Layer Depth [ARCSS900]
This data set contains active layer data collected for the Toolik Snowfence Experiment from 1994 to 2002. The Toolik Snowfence Experiment (part of the International Tundra Experiment network) examines ...

6. Active Layer Depth and Snow Depth, Kuparuk Basin, 1995 [ARCSS033]
Active layer and snow depths were measured on 1-km x 1-km grids within the Kuparuk Basin, Alaska, at various times throughout the summer of 1995. The parameters were measured at 121 surveyed grid ...

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