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1. Agroclimatological Zones, Jordan; 1977 [CE1d0029_173]
This coverage represents polygons that describe the agroclimatological zones. Originating center: Natural Resource Authority in Amman

2. Baringo (Kenya) Pilot Study for Desertification Assessment and Mapping [NBId0169_101]
The purpose of the Kenya Pilot Study was to evaluate the FAO/UNEP Provisional Methodology for Assessment and Mapping of Desertification, and to recommend an effective, simple methodology for desertification ...

3. Bilan de Recherches Environnementales et Terrestres [MG4d0001_120]
BRET (Bilan de Recherches Environnementales et Terrestres) est une base de donnees etablie par l'ONE en collaboration avec le CNRE dans le but de dresser un bilan des acquis scientifiques en matiere ...

4. Laikipia (Kenya) Research Programme GIS Datasets [NBId0177_101]
Laikipia Research Programme GIS Datasets are divided into two main different study area scales: the Regional level [Laikipia district, the Ewaso Ng'iro Basin] and the Local level [Land parcels-farm(s), ...

5. North Kenya GIS Database project, 1996 [NBId0146_101]
Introduction The North Kenya GIS Database project was created (by Andrea Bottcher for GTZ at UNEP/GRID) by joining datasets which existed in 9 North Kenya districts in 1996. The original datasets ...

6. Rice Ecosystem of Cambodia [BANd0141_113]
Rice Ecosystem of Cambodia with national boundary from WBDII. The maps were interpreted from Landsat-5 TM (1989-90) false color composite of Ch.2,3,4 with ground verification in 1990-91.

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