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1. World Food Aid Needs and Availabilities [USDA0508]
"World Food Aid Needs and Availabilities" is a full-text report that is a study of world food aid needs, defined as amount of grain needed to fill the gap between what a country can produce ...

2. CAB Abstracts of Agricultural and Biological Data [USDA0426]
"CAB Abstracts" is a comprehensive bibliographic database of agricultural and biological data from all journals published by CAB International. Material abstracted and in the database include scientific ...

3. Bureau of Reclamation Data (Agricultural Water Use, 1979-1986) [USDA0442]
"Bureau of Reclamation Data (Agricultural Water Use, 1979-1986)" contains data on and trends in agricultural use of federally supplied irrigation water for Bureau of Reclamation lands receiving full ...

4. Irrigation Production Data System (IPDS) [USDA0020]
The Irrigation Production Data System (IPDS) is a comprehensive analysis system; it was developed as a tool for analyzing cost and returns across states and U.S. farm production regions. It provides ...

5. Management of Soil in Dryland Regions [USDA0381]
"Management of Soil in Dryland Regions" is a set of data, each dataset representing 3 to over 20 years of data using replicated trials. Tillage and cropping system-type studies have the longest number ...

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