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1. Ice Thickness and Surface Elevation, Southeastern Ross Embayment, West Antarctica [NSIDC-0099]
Ice surface elevation and ice thickness data are available for a portion of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The investigators utilized a laser altimeter and ice-penetrating radar mounted to a Twin Otter ...

2. Surface Elevation and Ice Thickness, Western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica [NSIDC-0119]
This data set provides surface elevation and ice thickness data for a portion of the Marie Byrd Land sector of West Antarctica, including the Ford Ranges, the Sulzberger Ice Shelf, much of the Edward ...

3. Airborne Laser Altimetry of the Thwaites Glacier Catchment, West Antarctica [NSIDC-0334]
This data set includes airborne altimetry collected over the catchment and main trunk of Thwaites Glacier, one of Antarctica's most active ice streams. The airborne altimetry comprises 35,000 line-kilometers ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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