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1. Permafrost monitoring and prediction in Southern Carpathians, Romania [GGD30]
This study monitored the summer temperatures (July and August) of the springs at the base of the rock glaciers' fronts and talus cones of Fagaras and Retezat Mountains. These water measurements have ...

2. Rock glacier inventory, Printse Valley, Valais, Switzerland [GGD291]
The Printse Valley is a 16-km-long north-orientated basin. The south-part (summits at 300 m asl) is glacierized. The intermediate sector, more continental, is very rich in rock glaciers. We have ...

3. Rock glaciers in the Pyrenees, Spain and France [GGD285]
This study and inventory of active rock glaciers was carried out by means of the usual techniques used in the study of alpine permafrost. First, the rock glaciers were located by means of aerial photography ...

4. Rock glaciers, Entremont, Valais, Switzerland [GGD290]
The Entremont area is 300 square km wide and located in the western part of the Swiss Alps between the Mont-Blanc Massif and the Valaisian Alps, slightly north of the main crest of the alpine range. ...

5. Rock glaciers, Lombardy, Italy [GGD22]
Lombardia is one of the administrative regions into which Italy is divided. The more eastern part of Italian sector of the Lepontine Alps and a large part of the Rhaetian Alps are located in this ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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