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1. 1:2500 Land Base for Newfoundland and Labrador [Canada_Newtel_1-2500landbase]
This planemetric dataset consists of many layers of information covering the road network, buildings, streams, etc. using a 1:2500 scale.This dataset was originally created to provide accurate geospatial ...

2. Antarctic Artefacts Bibliography [AA_Bibliography]
The Cape Denison artefacts bibliography primarily contains references that are relevant to the AAE of 1911-14, the BANZARE visit of 1931, post-BANZARE visits, the archaeology, conservation and restoration ...

3. Atlas Cove Terrestrial Photos - historic ANARE Base [atlas_cove_photos]
Photographs and photo locations of the historic Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) base at Atlas Cove on Heard Island. The station was established 11 December 1947 and was ...

4. Mawson Station - update of station data 2004 [gis45]
The Australian Antarctic Data Centre's GIS data of Mawson Station was updated in 2004 using a map image provided by Dr Malcolm Arnold who wintered at the station during that year. The data are included ...

5. Natural Freeze-drying of Water-degraded Timber Structures: Feasibility Study [ASAC_156]
The objectives of this project were: To gather data from a small scale experimental freeze-drying unit, using natural local conditions, with a view to extending the experiment to a larger scale installation ...

6. Research in natural freeze-drying technology for the preservation of historic Antarctic buildings [ASAC_951]
Preliminary Metadata record for data expected from ASAC Project 951 See the link below for public details on this project. Temperatures (internal and external), wind speeds (internal and external), ...

7. Value of Land and Buildings Per Acre [USDA0022]
"Value of Land and Buildings per Acre" contains information on counties and states data from the Census of Agriculture for selected years from 1850 to 1992. The database consists of 3 tables in Lotus ...

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