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1. The ABN1314_prelim_database_010416 - black carbon, electrical conductivity, glacial ice aerosol composition, hydrogen peroxide, partical count in glacial ice [AAS_4075_ABN1314_prelim_database_010416]
The ABN1314_prelim_database_010416 is the measured liquid conductivity (liq_cond), black carbon (BCconc), particles (partcntm), acidity (hno3), hydrogen peroxide (h2o2), oxygen isotopes (d18O), deuterium ...

2. Black Carbon Emission Data Base for Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Studies from the Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) [GEIA_BLACK_CARBON]
The Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) is an activity of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Core Project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP). The focus ...

3. Fossil Fuel and Biomass Burning Black Carbon Emissions from the Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) [GEIA_BLACK_CARBON_FFBB]
The fossil fuel emissions are compiled from 23 fuel types of which coal, lignite brown and diesel form the majority of the emissions. The data are representative of 1984 emissions. The data is given ...

4. Front Range Lidar and Balloon (FRLAB) Experiment 3 from the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory [OAR0121]
This data set archives the results of an experiment conducted along the Front Range in Colorado and Wyoming to measure the concentration of black carbon in the atmosphere.

5. RETRO Emissions Inventory [GEIA_RETRO]
Within the RETRO project, global gridded data sets for anthropogenic and vegetation fire emissions of several trace gases were generated, covering the period from 1960 to 2000 ...

6. The Army Lidar Verification Experiment Series (ALIVE)I-V 1989-1990 from the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory [OAR0115]
ALIVE I-V was a series of five experiments conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Army at White Sands, New Mexico. Data measuring the concentration of atmospheric aerosols were received from a ...

7. NARSTO PAC2001 Cassiar Tunnel Gaseous and Particle Mass and Composition Data [NARSTO_PAC2001_CASSIAR_TUNNEL]
The NARSTO_PAC2001_CASSIAR_TUNNEL_GAS_PM_DATA were obtained August 8-15, 2001 during the Pacific 2001 Air Quality Study (PAC2001). The Cassiar Tunnel site is located at 49 17' 01.9 N and 123 01' ...

8. NARSTO EPA_SS_FRESNO Aethalometer Multi-Wavelength Carbon Data [NARSTO_EPA_SS_FRESNO_MULTI_WL_C]
The NARSTO_EPA_SS_FRESNO_AETHALOM_MULTI_WL_CARBON data were obtained between May 1999 and December 2006 at the Fresno supersite. A multiwavelength aethalometer (Model AE30S) operated at the Fresno ...

The Southern African Regional Science Initiative 2000 (SAFARI 2000) provided an opportunity to study aerosol particles produced by savanna burning. We used analytical transmission electron microscopy ...

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