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1. Blue Ice runway data 2002/2003 season [A6_Survey]
Extra Survey data of Approach and Departure areas of Blue Ice Runway 70km South East of Casey. Data was Surveyed between January-March 2003.

2. Survey Report for the Casey-Antarctica Air Transport Project 2003-2004 [survey_2003-04_wilkins]
Taken from the survey report: Construction of a suitable runway near Casey is a major objective of the Air Link from Hobart to the Australian Antarctic Territory and the main focus of this season's ...

3. Exposed rock and blue ice features digitised from satellite images [gis310]
The Australian Antarctic Data Centre digitises on-screen topographic features from satellite images as required for various projects and applications. Ice free areas (exposed rock) were digitised ...

4. Dielectric profiling (DEP) data from Mount Moulton blue ice area [dep20032004mountmoulton]
Electronator data from Mount Moulton blue ice area along approximately 300 m long lone parallel to existing horizontal ice core.

5. Ground penetrating radar measurements on blue ice fields in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, in 1999/2002 [gpr19992000DML]
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) data measured with 800, 200 and 50 MHz antennas on blue ice areas and their accumulation areas. Raw GPR data, positions measured with differential ...

6. Electronator (DEP) measurements on Allan Hills Main blue ice area [dep20032004allanhills]
New instrument designed to measure the surface conductance of ice with electrodes about 80 cm apart moving at 3 m/s across the ice with about 1kV p.d. About 5 km of data combined with ...

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