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1. Windmill Islands terrestrial vegetation dynamics [SOE_Windmill_Island_veg]
INDICATOR DEFINITION Survey of quadrats along permanent transects in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica, involving: quantitative analysis of relative bryophyte species distribution and abundance; ...

2. Impact of changes in UV and visible radiation on the reflective properties of plant photosynthetic surfaces [ASAC_941]
We investigated how surface reflectance properties and pigment concentrations of Antarctic moss varied over species, sites, icrotopography, and with water content. We found that species had significantly ...

3. Understanding the tolerance of Antarctic mosses to climate change [ASAC_3042]
Metadata record for data from AAS (ASAC) project 3042. Public Ozone depletion above Antarctica has caused large increases in springtime UVB radiation (UVBR) and recovery of the ozone layer is not ...

4. Measurement of moss growth rates in Antarctica [ASAC_1104]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 1104 See the link below for public details on this project. ---- Public Summary from Project---- Mosses are dominant plants in the ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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