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1. Metamorphic evolution, tectonic setting, partial melting, genesis, structural and chemical processes, and Archaean crustal accretion histories in Prydz Bay [ASAC_Harley]
This dataset represents the collected work arising from ASAC projects 263, 351, 497 and 716 (ASAC_263, ASAC_351, ASAC_497, ASAC_716). The data are pooled together into a single excel file, and presented ...

2. Ecological and taxonomic survey of terrestrial Oligochaetes of Macquarie Island [ASAC_2233]
Data consists of records of two species of earthworms from 70 sites on Macquarie Island collected and identified by Dr R. Blakemore. The species are: Family ACANTHODRILIDAE . Genus MICROSCOLEX ...

3. The strength of the lower continental crust; evidence from the Stillwell Hills-Oygarden Group Coastline. [ASAC_1150]
The nature of the data were lithological and structural geological mapping, in addition to the collection of relevant geological specimens. The quality of the data collected ranges from detailed form ...

4. Windmill Islands 1:10000 Point Vegetation GIS Dataset [Wind_Veg]
Map of the abundance and distribution of terrestrial vegetation of the Windmill Islands. Point data represent regions of vegetation occurrence. The data are available in two formats. One is as a ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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