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1. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Analysis of historical time series data [GLOBEC_074_TASC_007]   PARENT METADATA
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus (TASC) programme was to determine trends and seasonal cycles in abundance of Calanus in different regions of the NE Atlantic and ...

2. The spatio-temporal distribution of zooplankton communities in the Southern Ocean: high resolution sampling and its implications for long-term monitoring [ASAC_472_Hunt]
This thesis was conducted under the auspices of the Southern Ocean Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Survey. The research conducted had the dual aims of providing baseline data for this long-term ...

3. CPR Plankton Data for ICES/GLOBEC Cod and Climate Change 'Backward Facing' Workshop [GLOBEC_010_SAHFOS_002]
CPR Plankton Data for the ICES/GLOBEC Cod and Climate Change Backward Facing Workshop 3 files are available for use within the 'Backward Facing' workshop - one for each ICES area IVa, IVb and IVc ...

4. Geochemical and radiometric age data on core samples from the Cape Roberts Project, Western Ross Sea, Antarctica. [Kyle-Cape_Roberts]
1. 40Ar/39Ar dates of minerals separated from pumiceous tephra layers in the core from Cape Roberts Project cores 1 and 2. 2. Major and trace element analyses of fine grain sediment ...

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