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1. 1988 Brooks Range Seismic Survey [PASSCAL_BROOKS]
This survey was designed to gather a reversed wide-angle reflection/refraction profile in the northern Brooks Range. Data are useful in the investigation of the crustal structure of the Brooks Range ...

2. East Coast Canada Seismic Refraction Data As Seismic Sections [Canada_GSC_SeismicRefData]
This data set includes seismic refraction data acquired with ocean bottom seismometers (OBS). Data is recorded from a hydrophone and horizontal and vertical geophones. The data also includes ...

3. Minnesota River Valley 1990 Wide-angle Experiment [PASSCAL_94-006]
In the summer of 1990, the University of Wyoming conducted a wide-angle reflection/refraction experiment along the Minnesota River Valley. The goal of the experiment was to image crustal structure ...

4. The Cornell Oman Project: Deciphering the Shallow and Deep Crustal Structure of the Oman Mountains [GEO_CORNELL_OMAN]
The main objective of the Cornell Oman research project is to decipher the shallow and deep crustal structure of the Oman Mountains. This mountain belt is the best type-example of the Earth's ophiolite ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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