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1. East Coast Canada Seismic Refraction Data As Seismic Sections [Canada_GSC_SeismicRefData]
This data set includes seismic refraction data acquired with ocean bottom seismometers (OBS). Data is recorded from a hydrophone and horizontal and vertical geophones. The data also includes ...

2. 1988 Brooks Range Seismic Survey [PASSCAL_BROOKS]
This survey was designed to gather a reversed wide-angle reflection/refraction profile in the northern Brooks Range. Data are useful in the investigation of the crustal structure of the Brooks Range ...

3. Minnesota River Valley 1990 Wide-angle Experiment [PASSCAL_94-006]
In the summer of 1990, the University of Wyoming conducted a wide-angle reflection/refraction experiment along the Minnesota River Valley. The goal of the experiment was to image crustal structure ...

4. The Cornell Oman Project: Deciphering the Shallow and Deep Crustal Structure of the Oman Mountains [GEO_CORNELL_OMAN]
The main objective of the Cornell Oman research project is to decipher the shallow and deep crustal structure of the Oman Mountains. This mountain belt is the best type-example of the Earth's ophiolite ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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