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1. Canadian Active Control Point (ACP) Observational Data [Canada_GeoSC_ActvCntlPtObsData]
Canadian Active Control Point (ACP) observational data consists of dual-frequency calibrated satellite code and carrier phase observations derived from continuous tracking of GPS satellites ...

2. Canadian Base Network (CBN) of Monumented Survey Control [Canada_GeoSC_CdnBaseNtwkSurvCtl]
The Canadian Base Network (CBN) is a network of pillar monumented survey control points with forced-centering plates positioned three-dimensionally. They have GPS to centimetre-level ...

3. Canadian Base Network, Level 1 [Canada_GeoBase_CanBaseNetworkL1]
With a new focus on positioning from space, Geodetic Survey has created a dynamic infrastructure to serve both present and future needs for positioning. ...

4. Canadian GPS Height Transformation Package (GPS-H) [Canada_GeoSC_CdnGPSHghtTransPkg]
The GPS Height Transformation Package (GPS-H) allows Global Positioning System (GPS), Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Wide Area Differential Global Positioning System ...

5. Federal 2-D Densification Network, North of Canada, Level 1 [Canada_GeoBase_Fe2DDenNetNCanL1]
Geodetic Survey Division (GSD) provides a horizontal 2-D (NAD83) network of interconnected control surveys with (approximately 13000) monuments spaced 20 to a maximum ...

6. Federal 3-D Densification Network, Canada, Level 1 [Canada_GeoBase_Fe3DDenNetCanL1]
The Federal 3-D Densification Network, Canada, Level 1 (FED3DC1) consists of (approximately 2000) monumented stations, positioned three-dimensionally with GPS to centimetre-level ...

7. Primary Vertical Bench Marks, Canada, Level 1 [Canada_GeoBase_PriVerBMarkCanL1]
The Primary Vertical Bench Marks, Canada, Level 1 (PVBMC1) are (approximately 80000) monuments established about every 2 km along major highways and railways across Canada. Elevations ...

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