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1. Intertidal Organisms and Habitats (F030) - From In-Situ Data [FW00072]
This data type contains data from field sampling of marine organisms in intertidal or subtidal habitats. The data were collected to provide information about species abundance and distribution. Data ...

2. Marine Fish and Shellfish Surveys (F123) Data (1948 -1983) [FW00096]
This data type contains data from field sampling of marine fish and shellfish. The data derive from analyses of midwater or bottom tow catches and provide information on population density and distribution. ...

3. Marine Toxic Substances and Pollutants (F144) from In-Situ Samples [FW00222]
This data type contains data on ambient concentrations of toxic substances and other pollutants in the marine environment. The data derive from laboratory analyses of samples of water, sediment or ...

4. NODC Standard Format Intertidal/Subtidal (F100) Data (1974-1980) [NODC_f100]
This data type is used to support physical and biological studies of the intertidal/subtidal regime. There are eight data record types to: 1) identify the station, 2) report on the sediment analysis, ...

5. Surface Current and Meteorological Data from Drifting Buoys (F156) [FW00221]
This data type contains time series ocean circulation data determined by tracking the movement of drifting buoys, drogues or other instrumented devices. Movement is reported as point-to-point geographic ...

6. Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation and Transport Processes Study Data on CD-ROM [NOAA_NODC_LATEX_A_CDROM]
This CD-ROM contains the data from the field program of the Louisiana-Texas Shelf Physical Oceanography Program (LATEX) from Texas A&M University, known as LATEX-A. It is the largest physical oceanography ...

7. World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Global Data, Version 1.0, on CD-ROM [NOAA_NODC_WOCE_CDROM]
The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) was an unprecedented effort during 1990-1997 by scientists from more than 30 nations to study the large-scale circulation of the ocean. ...

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