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1. Geophysical Finite Element Simulation Tool (GeoFEST) [GEOFEST]
GeoFEST (Geophysical Finite Element Simulation Tool) is a two- and three-dimensional finite element software package for the modeling of solid stress and strain in geophysical and other continuum ...

PARK is a boundary element program that determines the stress on every element of the fault surface due to slip on every other element, using a Green's function approach. For example, it can be used ...

3. Virtual California [SERVO-Virtual_CA]
Virtual California is software that utilizes the Monte Carlo method in order to generate simulated, realistic earthquakes on an arbitrary fault surface mesh. It uses topologically realistic networks ...

4. Real-time Forecast of Earthquake Hazard in the Next 24 Hours for California [CA-EQ-HZ-24]
It is a time-dependent map giving the probability of strong shaking at any location in California within the next 24-hours. Scientists with the Swiss Seismological Service and the Advanced National ...

5. The Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) [ANSS-Seismic]
The Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) will be a nationwide network of at least 7000 shaking measurement systems, both on the ground and in buildings that will make it possible to provide emergency ...

6. Catalog of Aerial Photography at UC Berkeley [CA_AERIAL_PHOTO_CATALOG]
Over 65,000 aerial photographs, representing more than 200 aerial flights, are available in the Earth Sciences & Map Library. Collection emphasis is on San Francisco, the East Bay, the greater Bay ...

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