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1. Transient-Model-SURVIVal Analysis [USGS_TMSURVIV]
Program TMSURVIV (Transient-Model-SURVIVal analysis) computes parameter estimates of survival and capture probability and proportions of "residents" under the Jolly-Seber models described in "Capture-Recapture ...

2. MSSRVMIS - Computes Estimates of Survival and Capture Probability Adjusted for Missclassification [USGS_MSSRVMIS]
MSSRVMIS computes estimates of survival and capture probability adjusted for misclassification. [Summary provided by the USGS.]

3. MSSURVIV - Multi-State-SURVIVal Analysis [USGS_MSSURVIV]
Program MSSURVIV (Multi-State-SURVIVal analysis) computes parameter estimates of survival/transition and capture probability under the multistate models described in "Capture-recapture Studies for ...

4. Multi-State Survival and Recovery Analysis [USGS_MSSRVRCV]
Program MSSRVRCV (Multi-State SuRVival and ReCoVery analysis) computes parameter estimates of survival, state transition, recovery, and capture probability using the model structure of Kendall et ...

5. CAPTURE: Software that Computes Estimates of Capture Probability and Population Size for Closed Population Capture-recapture Data [USGS_CAPTURE]
CAPTURE is a FORTRAN program that computes estimates of capture probability and population size for closed population capture-recapture data. [Summary provided by the USGS.]

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