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1. The Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (SIZONet) Local Observations Interface [ELOKA031]
The Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network Local Observations Interface allows access to observations of sea ice, weather, and wildlife collected since 2006 by Indigenous Inupiaq and Yup'ik sea ice experts ...

2. Paleoenvironment, Geomorphic Processes, and Carbon Stocks of Drained Thaw-lake Basins in the Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska, USA, 2002-2005 [ARCSS176]
These data are from a study of the origin and associated geomorphological, ecological, and pedological processes of thaw-lake basins of the Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska. The research utilized high-resolution ...

3. Alaska North Slope 100 m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) [ARCSS301]
This data set is a 100-m resolution digital elevation model (DEM) for the Brooks Range and the North Slope of Alaska. The DEM was created by merging 100 National Elevation Dataset DEM tiles for areas ...

4. Point Barrow, Alaska and Vicinity Bathymetry [ARCSS031]
This data set contains bathymetry data for Point Barrow, Alaska, and its vicinity. A bathymetry grid was interpolated from depth soundings measured in meters below mean lower low water (MLLW) and ...

5. Ocean Wind Time Series from Buoys (F101) Data (1976 -1984), Pacific Ocean [FW00095]
This file type contains time series measurements of wind and other surface meteorological parameters taken at fixed locations. The instrument arrays may be deployed on automated buoys, ships, or towers. ...

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