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1. Chinese Crustal Thickness Data; WDC Geophysics/Beijing [EARTH_CRUST_WDCD_GRAVITY1]
Crustal thickness maps are available for : a) Hainan Island from May, 1977 b) Xinjiang (deep crustal structure) from 1983 c) China crustal thickness map from 1988 - available on disk d) MOHO contour ...

2. Crustal Thickness in the Middle East [GEO_CORNELL_MOHO]
The database contains estimated crustal thickness in the Middle East. Thickness was constrained by digitizing over 50 published, interpreted crustal-scale refraction and gravity profiles, ...

3. Global Positioning System Constraints on the Plate Kinematics and Dynamics in Turkish Region [GEO_CORNELL_GPS]
We present and interpret Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements of crustal motions for the period 1988-1997 at 189 sites extending east-west from the Caucasus mountains to the Adriatic ...

4. South Iceland Seismic Refraction Experiment of 1990 [PASSCAL_ICELAND_SEIS_REFRACT]
The experiment design was a linear profile of 210 receiver points and 11 shot points crossing the Western Volcanic Zone and South Iceland Seismic Zone of southern Iceland. The profile is oriented ...

5. The Cornell Saudi Arabia Project: Crustal Studies in Saudi Arabia [GEO_CORNELL_SAUDIARABIA]
The main objectives of the Cornell Saudi Arabia research project are: (1) study the seismic attenuation characteristics of the crust (Lg) and uppermost mantle (Sn) of the Arabian lithospheric plate, ...

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