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1. Canada3D - Digital Elevation Model of the Canadian Landmass [Canada_CTI_Canada3D]
Canada3D is a digital elevation model (DEM) produced by the Canadian Forestry Service, Ontario region and you can obtain this free product on the Web site of the Centre d'information ...

2. A CD snapshot of Heard Island data from 1901-2002 held by the AADC [Heard_data_snapshot_1901-2002]
The CD was produced by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre for distribution to Heard Island expeditioners in the 2003/2004 season. The CD contained all publicly available data held by the Australian ...

3. Continuous along track meteorology and sea surface data, Georges Bank, 1995-1999, US GLOBEC. [emet_GB]
Meteorological and sea surface parameters were observed continuously along the ship's track during sixty-seven US GLOBEC cruises to the Georges Bank region, years 1995-1999. ...

4. Current meter data from iAOOS Norway mooring F0 [DOKIPY_FS-iAOOS-mooring-F0]
The mooring F0 was in operation at 78.833 deg N in the Fram Strait between 2007-09-11 and 2009-09-11, measuring current and hydrographic properties at the shelf break (224 m water depth). The mooring ...

5. Maryland Biological Stream Survey [MD_DNR_BSS]
The Maryland Biological Stream Survey developed as a response to questions raised by the Maryland Synoptic Stream Survey of 1987 (see "Acid Deposition" pages for full discussion) and the MBSS Pilot ...

Field measurements of biomass and associated environmental data were compiled for multiple study sites in major grassland types worldwide. When sufficient biomass data were available, we compared ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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