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1. Mapping of Poa litorosa and Carex trifida in the Handspike Point area at Macquarie Island 28 March 2003 [ASAC_1015_MIGPS03]
Current positional data for Poa litorosa and Carex trifida at Handspike Point area (Macquarie Island) were collected using Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and standard observational techniques. ...

2. Canadian Active Control Point (ACP) Observational Data [Canada_GeoSC_ActvCntlPtObsData]
Canadian Active Control Point (ACP) observational data consists of dual-frequency calibrated satellite code and carrier phase observations derived from continuous tracking of GPS satellites ...

3. Canadian GPS Height Transformation Package (GPS-H) [Canada_GeoSC_CdnGPSHghtTransPkg]
The GPS Height Transformation Package (GPS-H) allows Global Positioning System (GPS), Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Wide Area Differential Global Positioning System ...

4. Global GPS Satellite Clock Corrections [Canada_GeoSC_GlobalGPSSatClkCor]
GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite clock corrections are computed from observational data and final GPS satellite ephemerides and are typically available 3 to 6 days after the observations ...

5. Global Precise GPS Satellite Ephemerides [Canada_GeoSC_GlobalPreGPSSatEph]
Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite ephemerides are computed from the data collected at the Canadian Active Control Point (ACP) stations. This data is augmented by up to 44 globally ...

6. Differential GPS data collected at Heard Island 2003/04 for the Regional Sensitivity to Climate Change in Terrestrial Ecosystems (RiSCC) program [ASAC_1015_HIGPS03_04]
Metadata notes for RiSCC Heard Island 2003_04 season (ASAC 1015) - DGPS data and Base Station data DGPS data are described below, and associated data files listed. 1. Three Island study - Phenology ...

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