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1. Southern Elephant Seal Foraging in the Southern Ocean [ASAC_468]
Twenty three juvenile (8-14 months of age) southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina L.) from Macquarie Island were tracked during 1993 and 1995. Migratory tracks and ocean areas with concentrated ...

2. AAD buoy data collected during ISPOL 2004, Western Weddell Sea [ISPOL2004_AAD_BuoyData]
Ice Station POLarstern [ISPOL] was a multi-national, interdisciplinary study coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany, involving scientists from different ...

3. Driftless Areas in Illinois [IGDNR_DRIFTLESS]
This is an Arc/Info polygon data set containing driftless areas in Illinois. These areas are analogous to areas of the state where the bedrock surface is not buried. Data are originally ...

4. Glacial Drift in Illinois: Thickness and Character [IGDNR_DRIFTTHK]
This map is a digital Arc/Info line and polygon coverage of drift thickness in Illinois. Data are originally from ISGS Circular 490 by Piskin and Bergstrom (1975), Plate 1. Contours (lines) ...

5. Ross Sea Icebergs (B15A, C16, B15J, B15K, C25 and Nascent): Drift, weather and seismic data. [macayeal_0229546]   CHILD METADATA
During 2001-2006, 6 giant icebergs (B15A, B15J, B15K, C16 and C25) adrift in the southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica, were instrumented with global positioning system (GPS) receivers, magnetic compasses, ...

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