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1. SeaSoar Measurements Taken During the TOGA COARE Intensive Observing Period (IOP) Onboard the Research Ressels Franklin, Le Noroit and Wecoma [COARE_ocmix_seasoar]
DATA ACCESS All SeaSoar data are available upon request from NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) in Silver Spring, MD (''). The data are also archived at the ...

2. Antarctic Drifting Buoys [AADC-00103]
This dataset contains data from drifting buoys that are along the ice edge or frozen into the ice. The data are observed around the Australian sector of Antarctica and have been recorded since February ...

3. AAD buoy data collected during ISPOL 2004, Western Weddell Sea [ISPOL2004_AAD_BuoyData]
Ice Station POLarstern [ISPOL] was a multi-national, interdisciplinary study coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany, involving scientists from different ...

4. International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (IPAB) [IPAB]
The International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (IPAB) is run by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). IPAB is a self-sustaining project of the WCRP, and provides a link between institutions ...

5. International Ice Patrol (IIP) Iceberg Sightings Database [G00807]
The International Ice Patrol (IIP) collects information on iceberg activity in the North Atlantic. The IIP area of responsibility prior to 2006 was 40 to 52 degrees North latitude and 39 to 57 degrees ...

6. International Ice Patrol Iceberg Drift Tracks [G00874]
The International Ice Patrol (IIP) tracks, plots and predicts iceberg positions in the North Atlantic Ocean. The IIP area of responsibility is 40 to 52 degrees North, 39 to 57 degrees West. During ...

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