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1. A Parallel Database System for GIS Applications [PARADISE]
The objective of the Paradise project is to design, implement, and evaluate a scalable, parallel geographic information system that is capable of storing and manipulating massive data sets. By applying ...

2. Weather Office [Weather_Office]
Weather Office is a PHP frontend for the database created by open2300 for the WS2300 Weather station ("Matrix"). For a demonstration visit

3. Spatial Analysis and Modeling Tool (SAMT) [SAMT]
The Spatial Analysis and Modeling Tool (SAMT) is designed to combine landscape modeling with GIS-data (grids). The main focus is the integration of fuzzy-models and spatial simulation. Features of ...

4. WildFinder - A Map Driven Searchable Database That Allows Users to Discover Where Species Live [WILDFINDER]
WildFinder is a map-driven, searchable database of more than 26,000 species worldwide, with a powerful search tool that allows users to discover where species live or explore wild places to find out ...

5. Spanish science in Antarctica: an analysis of the bibliography [CNDA-ESP_SERF_ANT_BIBLIO2002]
In English: The present work is a study of the Spanish contribution to the Antarctic science, including an analysis of the bibliographic production. 936 Antarctic bibliographic references published ...

6. MapStorer: Software For Managing Geospatial Data [MapStorer]
Mapstorer is a database supported system for managing the University of Minnesota projects. The database allows uers to edit map projects via a web browser and create MapServer configuration files ...

7. HydroTagger - A Website for Data Managers to Map the Variables in their Data Sources to Concepts in the HydroSeek Ontology [CUAHSI_HydroTagger]
HydroTagger is a website for data managers to map the variables in their data sources to concepts in the HydroSeek ontology. This concept mapping allows us to search for a given concept, such as Nitrogen, ...

8. Master Controlled Vocabulary Registry [CUAHSI_mastercvreg]
The ODM Controlled Vocabulary Registry is a website for data managers to request new or updated items to the master controlled vocabulary and for users to see the current master controlled vocabulary ...

9. Observations Data Model (ODM) [CUAHSI_ODM]   PARENT SERF
The CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System project is developing information technology infrastructure to support hydrologic science. One aspect of this is a data model for the storage and retrieval ...

10. Factor Information Retrieval (FIRE) Data System [EPA_webfire]
The Factor Information Retrieval (FIRE) Data System is a database management system containing EPA's recommended emission estimation factors for criteria and hazardous air pollutants. FIRE includes ...

11. GeOxygene: An Ppen Framework for Implementing OGC/ISO Specifications for the Development and Deployment of GIS Applications [GeOxygene]
GeOxygene aims at providing an open framework which implements OGC/ISO specifications for the development and deployment of geographic (GIS) applications. It is a open source contribution ...

12. Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals (GLODIR) [01-Glob-Dir-Marine-Pros-00]
The Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals is a database containing information on individuals active on issues related to the marine (and freshwater) environment . ...

13. GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System) [GEODAS]
GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System) is an interactive database management system developed by the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) for use in the assimilation, storage and retrieval of geophysical ...

Showing 1 through 13 of 13
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