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1. Cadastral Maps, Manitoba, Canada [Canada_GoM_CadastralMaps]
Collection offers digital maps of Manitoba?s Communities, Townships, Parish lots, survey plans and special projects such as Portage Diversion and Winnipeg Floodway. Maps are available in vector and ...

2. Quarter Section Grids, Manitoba, Canada [Canada_GoM_QuarterSectionGrids]
This quarter-section product is a geo-referenced index of the Dominion Land Survey System for southern Manitoba and is based primarily on digital orthophoto images. The grid is tiled and distributed ...

3. Digital Map of European Ecological Regions [EEA_DMEER]
The Digital Map of European Ecological Regions DMEER- delineates and describes ecological distinct areas in Europe, on the basis of updated knowledge of climatic, topographic and geobotanical European ...

4. European Remote Sensing Forest/Non-forest Digital Map [geodata_0365]
As such, the European Forest/Non-forest Digital Map is reasonably up-to- date and based on a homogeneous data source. Because the methodology used to produce the digital map is documented and was ...

5. Global Land/Sea Flag File (5 minute grid) [BODC_Land_Sea_Flag]
The land/sea flag file was created by C.K. Shum and B.E. Schutz of the Center for Space Research, University of Texas at Austin, USA. It was generated using the world coastline of the CIA World Data ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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