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1. Century-scale Series of Annual and Seasonal Precipitation Anomalies for East Asia, in CDIAC, Trends '93 [CDIAC_HULME_PRECIP_TRENDS]
These time series of annual and seasonal precipitation anomalies for East Asia have been derived mainly from the global monthly precipitation dataset held in the Climatic Research Unit at the University ...

2. Hourly and Daily Surface and Upper Air Weather Data for China, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Adjacent Seas and Western Pacific (1860-1943) [NCL00008_12_13_14_17_18_53]
The Buitenzorg, Indonesia data reside in 1 book, 'Observations Meteorologiques Tires Des Observations Faites Au Jardin Botanique De Buitenzorg 's Lands Plantentuin' (C/eg AOb), and is written in French. ...

3. Konchu Entomology Database [ja_ku_Konchu]
KONCHU is a general entomology database which includes various files treating species information on Japanese, East Asian and Pacific insects (including spiders and mites). The following ...

4. Mokuroku - A Check List of Japanese Insects Database [ja_ku_Mokuroku]
The database MOKUROKU is based on "A Check List of Japanese Insects" (supervisor: Y. Hirashima, 1989 & 1990) and treats all the insect vspecies or subspecies recorded from Japan. MOKUROKU ...

5. Solar TILT Polygon Multiple Countries 40km NREL 1985-1991 [a4507e7a940297088ffdf4da6de169e4fdf6f212]
SRID 4326 of two available coordinate systems. These data provide monthly average and annual average daily total solar resource averaged over surface cells of approximately 40 km by 40 km in size. ...

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