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1. Canada 1-km, 10-day, SPOT/VEGETATION composites for growing season 1998-2004 [Canada_GeoGratis_SPOTVEGETATION]
As part of the climate change research, data from the SPOT/VEGETATION instrument are systematically corrected for period 1998-2004 and provided in this archive. The VGT archive contains ...

2. Canada-wide 1-km AVHRR Composite Maps based on GEOCOMP Data enhanced with ABC3v2 Software [Canada_GeoGratis_DataABC3Softwa]
*** NOTE: See note at end if using Windows or NT to uncompress files. The file format of the data is PCI .pix format. *** Local Area Coverage (LAC) data collected by the Canada Centre for Remote ...

3. Database of the UK Environmental Change Network [EIC24_ENVIRONMENTAL_CHANGE]
The Environmental Change Network (ECN) is a multi-agency, long-term monitoring programme for identifying and quantifying environmental changes associated with man's activities. It aims to distinguish ...

4. Effect of Drought Stress on Oilseed Quality [USDA0077]
"Effect of Drought Stress on Oilseed Quality" is a complex of datasets on a series of experiments over the last 5 years of research on drought stress. Datasets include: 1. agronomic: growth, flowering, ...

5. Graphical Exposure Modeling System (GEMS) [EPA0138]
The "Graphical Exposure Modeling System (GEMS)" is a interactive information management system designed to allow the rapid analysis of environmental problems. The system allows the user ...

6. U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network [LTER]
The Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network is a collaborative effort involving more than 1100 scientists and students investigating ecological processes over long temporal and broad ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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