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1. Hourly Observations and Monthly Summary for Dorpat, Estonia (1890-1906) [NCL00074_129]
The hourly, daily, and monthly data resides in 1 book, 'Observations de la station meteorologique l'Ecole Reale de Jurief (Dorpat)' (C/dba Y95), and is written in Russian and French. The data contained ...

2. Estonian Mean Snow Depth and Duration (1891-1994) [G01174]
This data set contains the number of days of snow cover in days per year, and three 10-day snow depth means per month in centimeters from stations across Estonia. The days of snow cover data extend ...

3. Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Annual Weather Data, Climate Averages, and Snow and Ice Data for Estonia, Latvia, Livonia, and Courland (1795-1936) [NCL00027_28_30_35_44_45_46]
The Dorpat data resides in 3 books: 1) 'Zehnjahrige Mittelwerthe Nebst Neunjahrigen Studenmitteln Fur Dorpat' (C/dba W419); 2) 'Zwanzigjahrige Mittelwerthe aus den meteorologischen Beobachtungen 1866 ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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