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1. Environmental data on seafloor sediment and biota (granulometry, DOC, chlorophyll-a, images) [BO_043_O_Explorers_Cove]
This data set contains information on collection sites at Explorers Cove, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound. Comparative sites are also described. The parameters are sediment granulometry, organic carbon, ...

2. Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) Terrestrial ecosystem monitoring [JP_ANTARCTIC_JARE_ECOSYS]
[From Research Group/Research Activities: Terrestrial Biology, ""] Y. Ohyama, H. Kanda, S. Imura) This group promotes taxonomical, ecological and physiological ...

3. Penguin Monitoring in Antarctic Peninsula, South Orkney Islands and South Shetland Islands [CDA_AR_BIO_PENGUIN_MONITORING]   CHILD METADATA
A special long-term research program, the CCAMLR Ecosystem Monitoring Program (EMM), has been adopted by the Scientific Committee of CCAMLR (SC-CAMLR). The aim of this program is to detect and record ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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