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1. Oil Sands Information Portal [osip]
The Oil Sands Information Portal is a one-window source for individuals interested in the environmental impacts of oil sands development. The portal focuses on the cumulative effects of development ...

2. Decision Support Tools Catalog and Community of Practice [DSTCCP]
The Decision Support Tools Catalog and Community of Practice project is intended to provide a forum to address these challenges by (a) providing a dynamic catalog of currently available decision tools, ...

3. ADMSSTAR - Model for the Analysis of Short-Term Accidental Releases [CERC_ADMSSTAR]
ADMSSTAR is a model for the analysis of Short-Term Accidental Releases based on the ADMS methodology. ADMSSTAR has been developed specifically to estimate air concentration and deposition rate for ...

4. The South Florida Ecosystem Portfolio Model [USGS_sFloridaPM]
There are intense development pressures in the lands outside of the Urban Development Boundary in Miami-Dade County, Florida, impacting both the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. On-going land ...

5. ADMS 4 - Air Quality Dispersion Model [CERC_ADMS]
ADMS 4 is a dispersion model used to model the air quality impact of existing and proposed industrial installations. Current and future air quality can be assessed with respect to the air quality ...

6. The Remote Sensing Hazard Guidance System (RSHGS) [RSHGS]
The Remote Sensing Hazard Guidance System (RSHGS) is under development as part of a NASA REASoN project at the University of South Carolina. NASA and Kinetx staff are assisting in the development ...

7. ARIES - Web Based Application for Making Environmental Decisions [ARIES]
ARIES is a web-based technology offered to users worldwide to assist rapid ecosystem service assessment and valuation (ESAV). Its purpose is to make environmental decisions easier and more effective. ...

8. The Environmental Screening Analysis Tool (ESAT) [ESAT]
The Environmental Screening Analysis Tool (ESAT) is a software tool being developed to help transportation planners identify potential impacts of proposed road corridors. Both physical ...

9. Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System (CORMIX) [EPA_CORMIX]
CORMIX is a water quality modeling and decision support system designed for environmental impact assessment of mixing zones resulting from wastewater discharge from point sources. The ...

10. Carbon Footprint Data Model [CFDM]
The purpose of the Carbon Footprint data model is to provide a basic starter template to empower GIS users to tackle the basic problems of greenhouse gases that affect Global Climate Change. The data ...

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