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1. The Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Lab [Sumatra_Lab]
In this lab you'll study seismograms from 3 different seismic stations recording the magnitude 9.0 Sumatra earthquake of December 26th, 2004. By comparing the arrival times of the P and S waves on ...

2. Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences [Virtual_Geology-00]   CHILD SERFs
Geology Labs On-Line is a comprehensive project to develop Web-based lab activities that enhance the learning and teaching of Geology at the College and High School AP levels. These "Virtual" labs ...

3. Virtual Earthquake - Geology Labs On-line [Virtual_Earthquake-00]   PARENT SERF
Virtual Earthquake is an interactive tutorial that helps students understand how the epicenters of earthquakes are located from seismograms and how their Richter magnitudes are determined. (This is ...

4. Seismic Hazards of the US [Seismic_Hazard_USGS]
The hazard maps depict probabilistic ground motions and spectral response with 10%, 5%, and 2% probabilities of exceedance (PE) in 50 years. These maps correspond to return times of approximately ...

5. Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake [IRIS_Sumatra-EQ]
The figures on this web page help to illustrate the science of seismology and plate tectonics. Click on the small image to get a larger image and full caption. A magnitude 9.0 megathrust earthquake ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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