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1. Airborne Laser Polarization Sensor (ALPS) Experiment During the Forest Ecosystem Dynamics - Multisensor Airborne Campaign [FEDMAC_ALPS]
Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Multisensor Airborne Campaign (FED MAC): Airborne Laser Polarization Experiment The Biospheric Sciences Branch (formerly Earth Resources Branch) ...

2. Fire Fuel Inventory, Yosemite National Park from the U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division [LIFE_ECO_NBS_SIER_VEG_FUEL1]
The fuel inventory data involves 144 var. radius plots measured for vegetative cover and structure by species and fuel loading. Standing and downed fuel is estimated by size, class and type. Wood ...

3. Forest Canopy Cover, Willapa Basin-1994 [Inforain_Forest_Willapa]
This data set describes Forest Canopy Cover for the Willapa Basin in Washington State. Pacific Meridian Resources used 1988 Landsat TM imagery to create their classifications. The Forest Practices ...

4. Long Term Forest Plots in Sequoia National Park from the National Biological Service (NBS) [LIFE_ECO_NBS_FOREST_PLOT1]
Long term forest plots (1-2.5 ha) are located in the mixed conifer forests in Sequoia National Park, California. The trees above DBH have been identified, mapped, tagged and checked annually for ...

5. National Forest Inventory Continental Database; BRR, Australia [EARTH_LAND_AUS_BRR_FOREST_DB1]
National Forest Inventory Continental Database is a database of forest resource attributes covering all land tenures for Australia and Territories. Forest is defined as woody vegetation in excess ...

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