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1. ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR Data over Canada [CANEMRCCRSERS1]
The European Space Agency ERS-1 satellite was launched on July 17, 1991 with a projected lifespan of two to three years. CCRS began reception of its successor, ERS-2, on July 9, 1995 and is still ...

2. LIFECO: Distribution and abundance of plankton and fish relative to frontal processes [GLOBEC_091_LIFECO_005]   PARENT METADATA
This work package is part of the LIFECO programme: LInking hydrographic Frontal activity to ECOsystem dynamics in the North Sea and Skagerrak - importance to fish stock recruitment. The purpose of ...

3. Daily Observations and Weather Maps for Austria,Parts of Europe, and Western USSR, and the Eastern North Atlantic (1873-1984) [NCL00151]
The weather data resides in 143 volumes, 'Telegrafischer Wetterbericht der K.K. Centralanstalt fur Meteorologie in Wien' (Oversize Foreign Met. Data) written in German. The data contained in these ...

4. Daily and Monthly Weather Data for Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania (1887-1967), and Climatological Data for New South Wales (1887-1937) [NCL00051_52_72]
The Australian wind data reside in 1 book, 'Seasonal and Diurnal Wind Roses for Australia' (C/ie W765). The data contained in these books are monthly maps for Australia for 1887 to 1937. The parameters ...

5. Dye releases were used to study cross-frontal exchange, Scanfish used to monitor dye dispersion, 1999, GLOBEC [dye_bh_GB]
Two cruises were undertaken in May and June 1999 in which dye patches were released to study cross-frontal exchange. On Oceanus Cruise 342, led by Bob Houghton of Lamont-Doherty ...

6. University of Rhode Island SST Fronts Hatteras to Nova Scotia data set [HTN_SST_Fronts_URI]
This data set contains sea surface temperature fronts for the Cape Hatteras to Nova Scotia region of the northwest Atlantic Ocean. The data are based on sea surface temperature (SST) data derived ...

7. University of Rhode Island Surface Temperature Fronts 'Great Lakes' data set (1985 to 1995) [GLK_SST_Fronts_URI]
This data set contains surface temperature fronts for the Great Lakes. The data are based on water surface temperature data derived from the AVHRR instrument onboard the NOAA satellites.

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