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1. Physical and Structural Properties of the Siple Dome Ice Cores [NSIDC-0128]
This data set is part of the WAISCORES project, an NSF-funded project to understand the influence of the West Antarctic ice sheet on climate and sea level change. WAISCORES researchers acquired and ...

2. SaskGIS Township Fabric Map - Saskatchewan, Canada [Canada_InfoSerCorpSa_SaskGISTFM]
The Township Fabric Map is the set of provincial standard SaskGIS digital data sets which depict the Dominion Land survey system in Saskatchewan. The Township Fabric Data Set includes: ...

3. Collaborative Research: Combined Physical Property Measurements at Siple Dome [wilen_0440447]
This award supports a two-year collaborative effort to more fully understand the climatic history and physical properties of the Siple Dome, Antarctica deep ice core, to develop a new paleoclimatic ...

4. Interregional correlations for the Ross Orogen in the Ross Sea/Ross Ice Shelf sector of the Transantarctic Mountains: implications for the tectonic evolution of the palaeo-Pacific Antarctic margin of Gondwana (INTERTAM) [ftalarico_intertam]
Rocks of the Ross Orogen of the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM) are generally interpreted to have evolved during a Neoproterozoic-early Paleozoic cycle of deposition and thermotectonic phases, spanning ...

5. Optical Fabric and Fiber Logging of Glacial Ice [bay_1142173]
This award supports a project to combine the expertise of both glaciologists and optical engineers to develop polarization- preserving optical scattering techniques for borehole tools to identify ...

6. Paleozoic magmatism along the Paleopacific margin of Gondwana: northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) and South Tasman Rise. [afioretti_paleozoic_magmatism]
The aim of the research is to contribute to the geological reconstruction of the continental fragments around the Paleopacific margin of Gondwana before its break-up. The middle Paleozoic magmatism, ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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