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1. Arctic EASE-Grid Freeze and Thaw Depths, 1901 - 2002 [GGD651]
This data set contains mean, median, minimum and maximum freeze and thaw depths for each year from 1901 to 2002 on the 25 km resolution Equal-Area Scalable Earth Grid (EASE-Grid) for areas north ...

2. Geocryology and Geocryological Zonation of Mongolia [GGD648]
The map of Geocryology and Geocryological Zonation of Mongolia was derived from the National Atlas of Mongolia (Sodnom and Yanshin, 1990). The data set depicts the distribution and general properties ...

3. Maps of Geocryological Regions and Classifications in China [GGD603]
This data set includes digital versions of 'The Map of Geocryological Regionalization and Classification in China' from Geocryology in China by Y. Zhou, D. Guo, G. Qiu, G. Cheng, and S. Li. Included ...

4. Schefferville Permafrost Temperature Database [GGD605]
This data set consists of ground temperature data from 192 boreholes in the area of Schefferville, Quebec (5448'N, 6650'W), located within the discontinuous permafrost zone. Temperature cables were ...

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