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1. A Computer-Based Atlas of Global Instrumental Climate Data, CDIAC/DB-1003 [CLIMATE_IMAGE_ATLAS]
Color-shaded and contoured images of global gridded instrumental data have been produced as a computer-based atlas and is available via ftp and as a CD-ROM. The data consists of images ...

2. Modern Average Global Sea-Surface Temperature, GCRP Subset [GCRP-DDS-10]
Information about the Modern Average Global Sea-Surface Temperature (USGS data series DDS-10) Data Set archived at the USGS Global Change Research Program is available via FTP: " ...

3. Near Real-time Outputs from the University of South Florida Indian Ocean Wind-Driven Circulation Model [USF_INDIAN_OCN_MODEL]
This directory contains a "quick-look" hindcast of the Indian Ocean wind-driven circulation from a numerical ocean model being run at USF using near-real-time observed winds. The model products are ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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