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1. Bedrock Geology Polygons for Mount Desert Island, Maine [coa_bedrockpolygons]
This data set features bedrock geology polygons for Mount Desert Island. Coded with rock units and text description. It was developed for planning and ecological research and to ...

2. Driftless Areas in Illinois [IGDNR_DRIFTLESS]
This is an Arc/Info polygon data set containing driftless areas in Illinois. These areas are analogous to areas of the state where the bedrock surface is not buried. Data are originally ...

3. GRADES-QWAD: Quaternary West Antarctic Deglaciations [GB-NERC-BAS-AEDC-00521]
Current predictions of sea level rise do not correctly quantify contributions from Antarctica. Some sectors of the Antarctic ice sheet are showing considerable rates of change; are these changes a ...

4. Glacial Drift in Illinois: Thickness and Character [IGDNR_DRIFTTHK]
This map is a digital Arc/Info line and polygon coverage of drift thickness in Illinois. Data are originally from ISGS Circular 490 by Piskin and Bergstrom (1975), Plate 1. Contours (lines) ...

5. Holocene and LGM P. wuellerstorfi Stable Isotope Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_1999-006]
Holocene and LGM Planulina wuellerstorfi carbon and oxygen isotope composition data, compiled from multiple sources for deep water circulation reconstruction.

6. Ice Cores [noaa-icecore-13943]
Records of past temperature, precipitation, atmospheric trace gases, and other aspects of climate and environment derived from ice cores drilled on glaciers and ice caps around the world. Parameter ...

7. Lago Grande di Monticchio High Resolution Sediment Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2002-013]
Allen et al. 1999 Lago Grande di Monticchio High Resolution Sediment Data. Multi-proxy lacustrine sediments independantly dated by sedimentation rate based chronology corroborated by dated tephras. ...

8. Paleolimnology [noaa-lake-13983]
Records of past climate and environment derived from lake sediment records. Parameter keywords describe what was measured in this data set. Additional summary information can be found in the abstracts ...

9. Windmill Islands 1:10000 Glacial Sediments GIS Dataset [wind_glacial]
This dataset is one of a number of datasets containing geomorphological data relating to the Windmill Islands, Wilkes Land, Antarctica. The dataset comprises of a digital point coverage of glacial ...

10. Woodfordian Moraines of Illinois [IGDNR_MORAINES]
This is an Arc/Info polygon data set containing named Woodfordian moraines, or Wisconsinan end moraines, of Illinois. Scale is 1:500,000. The primary source for the data is ISGS Bulletin ...

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