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1. Biological evolution of Antarctic lakes [ASAC_1131]
Beaver Lake, a large epishelf lake in Eastern Antarctica was sampled on two occasions during the austral summer of 2000. Two sites, one 1km offshore and another 6km offshore were sampled at intervals ...

2. Leopard and Weddell seal program - health status [Health_seals]
Blood samples from 35 seals have been collected for serum biochemistry analysis. Scats from 20 animals have been collected for parasitology. Estimated weights and morphometric measurements from 35 ...

3. U.S. Corn Sweetener Statistical Compendium [USDA0344]
Data files in the "U.S. Corn Sweetener Statistical Compendium" mirror the statistical tables in the U.S. Corn Sweetener Statistical Compendium, November 1993, Statistical Bulletin No. 868, prepared ...

4. Water-column Carbohydrate Percentages Measured during the JGOFS Equatorial Pacific Process Study [JGOFS_EQPAC_CARBOHYDRATES]
The Equatorial Pacific Process Study (EQPAC) was conducted along 140 deg W longitude during 1992. Four cruises took place: February 3 - March 9, March 19 - April ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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