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1. Effect of tillage system on growth, maturity and yield of corn and soybean [PU.Agronomy.TillageSystem]
This experiment was initiated in 1976. In the previous years (1955-1975), the site had corn/soybean production with annual moldboard ploughing. It is estimated that between 1880-1955 ...

2. Sanborn Field, Long Term Crop / Soil Organic Matter Experiment [UMO.Sanborn]
This experimnet began in 1888 at a cool temperate site. The site was used as pasture up until 1886, corn was grown 1887 and 1888. the soil is described as Mexico series (fine montmorillonitic, mesic ...

3. Salt Tolerance Databases: Fiber, Grain, and Special Crops, USDA-ARS Salinity Laboratory [USDA.ARS.USSL.Fiber]
This database contains salinity tolerance information for a variety of fiber, grain, and special crops. The information was compiled from a variety of studies and the data serve only as guidelines ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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