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1. Surface Velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica [NSIDC-0324]
This data set contains surface velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, for the year 2003. Measurement period was approximately 12 months. There are approximately 250 locations in this data set.

2. AFI 07/02_02 Subglacial Lake Ellsworth - GPS data, Antarctica, 2007/08 [GB-NERC-BAS-AEDC-00343]
Geographical Positioning System (GPS) data recorded in the region of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth. Recording instruments: Leica geodetic receivers. Four locations with continuous data records; all other ...

3. CLPX-Airborne: Airborne GPS Bistatic Radar [CLPX_GPS]
This data set consists of measurements of GPS signals reflected from the Earth's surface and collected on an airborne platform. A modified GPS Delay Mapping Receiver (DMR) tracks and measures the ...

4. Continuous GPS (static) Data from the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica [NSIDC-0347]
In October 2005, three geodetic GPS receivers were deployed on the Ross Ice Shelf near the ice front to observe short-term fluctuations in ice-shelf velocity associated with tidal forcing and other ...

5. GPR and GPS Data: Characteristics of Snow Megadunes and their Potential Effects on Ice Core Interpretation [NSIDC-0282]
The Antarctic megadune research was conducted during two field seasons, one in November 2002 and the other in December 2003 through January 2004. The megadune field site is located on the East Antarctic ...

6. GPS Ice Flow Measurements, Allan Hills, Antarctica [NSIDC-0507]
This data set includes includes high-precision GPS measurements of steel poles within the Allan Hills Main Ice Field, Near Western Ice Field, and extending to the eastern edge of the Middle Western ...

7. Geodetic monitoring of isostatic rebound near the Lambert Glacier [GEMIR_GPS_ANU]
The present-day observed change in sea level is the sum of several factors, including the continuing readjustment of the crust to the past redistribution of the surface ice-water load and any present-day ...

8. Giant Icebergs of the Ross Sea, in situ Drift and Weather Measurements, Antarctica [NSIDC-0350]
During 2001-2006, 6 giant icebergs (B15A, B15J, B15K, C16 and C25) adrift in the southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica, were instrumented with global positioning system (GPS) receivers, magnetic compasses ...

9. Jurassic Trees at Jason Peninsula, Antarctica [CDA_AR_GEO_JASON_JURASSIC_TREES]
A new discovery of Jurassic flora (tree trunks and stemps), located in Ramirez nunatak, Jason Peninsula, on the East side of Antarctic Peninsula is described. Together with another fossil flora locality ...

10. Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project Digital Elevation Model [NSIDC-0082]
The high-resolution Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project (RAMP) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) combines topographic data from a variety of sources to provide consistent coverage of all of Antarctica.

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